Let me start this post by saying I’m not a concert photographer. There are pros out there who do this for a living and do it extremely well. I will admit though, I have a lot of fun doing this sort of thing. Not only does it get me close to something I’m very passionate about (live music), but it also presents a whole new set of challenges that are vastly different from pointing your camera at a family on a beautiful sunny day. Having played in bands for 20 years now, getting to see live music is still exciting for me. When some of my old music buds in Crooked Zebras asked for some promo shots at a recent gig, I jumped at the chance.

Crooked Zebras play around the GTA all the time, and if you get a chance to see them, don’t miss out! They’ve got a solid mix of hard & danceable classic rock that appeal to huge crowds. I’ve shared the stage with them many times and they always impress. This particular show was at the Landing in Bolton, but look them up on Facebook to see when they’re in your area next.

band promotional photo four members standing in dark parking lot band photo with 4 members black and white composite

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