bride and groom closeup double exposure black and white


This was such a fun day! We started in Whitby, at Ursula’s family home, where the bride and groom were getting ready. Hiding out in separate bedrooms, so they wouldn’t see each other, I brought Kevin outside to prep him for a ‘first look’. Thunderstorms were threatening all around us, so we had to take advantage of the clear skies while we had them. After they re-acquainted themselves in the garden with a few dance spins, we toured their forested neighbourhood close to the shores of Lake Ontario. I love having these quiet moments with the couple, away from all the action, where we can capture some heartfelt moments in creative ways.

Ursula and Kevin had a private ceremony on an earlier date, so this day was all about them, some photos, and celebrating with family and friends (and maybe giving Ursula another chance to wear her dress!). After a quick photo walk in the woods, we were off to the Newcastle Town Hall for the party. Here are a few highlights from their big day.

groom kisses bride on abandoned forested road newlywed couple first dance with string lights indoor newlywed couple first dance black and white with string lights newlwed couple posed inside newcastle town hall couple kissing in front of newcastle town community centre

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