I had the chance to work with Emma and Ryan in their Newmarket home shortly after the arrival of their beautiful newborn daughter. I love these in-home lifestyle photo sessions. We don’t have to worry about weather conditions, everything the family needs is right there, and we can capture families in their own environment. Even things that we consider to be everyday activities can become the fondest memories in the blink of an eye. I remember holding my daughters when they were so small, and they would fall asleep on my chest. It wasn’t that long ago, but good luck trying to get them to do that now! Capturing those moments can be so important before they become a distant memory.

This session was a lot of fun, and their daughter was an angel. Not to be outdone, their pup Gordon tried to make his way into as many photos as possible, once he realized I wasn’t a threat to the family. Here are some highlights from our time together.

mom and dad snuggle with baby girl during lifestyle photography session newborn baby girl peeks over pillow black and white

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