Johnny Cuts Barbershop front window Oshawa


Confession time. For years, we’re talking almost 25-freakin years, I cut my own hair. It all started because I once got a bad cut at a ‘salon’ when I was a youngster. I started off with the super easy buzz cut, but kept practicing and starting working in some parts, crew cuts, undercuts, fades… I wasn’t terrible with a couple mirrors and a set of clippers (we won’t talk about the summer I had blonde-tipped dreadlocks). But even as my self-styling skills improved, I didn’t look forward to cutting my own hair. 

Enter Johnny Cuts Barbershop. I can’t remember how exactly I found them, but I’m so glad I did. My first time in the shop completely blew away any past experiences I might have had in a barbers chair. The shop is friendly, warm, clean, with a throwback atmosphere from all the vintage relics on display that Johnny has collected over the years (including the classic ‘2 dogs’ painting from Goodfellas).

Johnny was looking to update some content on his website and social media feeds, so he invited me to come by on a Saturday morning. This type of session is super hands-off for the business owner. We’re not doing headshots or awkward poses; I show up with my small pack of gear and wander around the shop capturing genuine moments as they happen. I’m looking for moments of connection between the staff and clients, or little details within the shop that set it apart. Below are a handful of my favourites from this session.

You can check out Johnny’s website here and book your own appointment.  


Decor and vintage barber tools in Johnny Cuts BarbershopSuavecito sign hangs inside Johnny Cuts Barbershop in OshawaOshawa brand photogrpahy at Johnny Cuts Barbershop in Oshawa Barber cuts hair at Johnny Cuts Barbershop in Oshawa Barber and customers smiling at Johnny Cuts Barbershop in Oshawa Smiling clients and barber at Johnny Cuts Barbershop in Oshawa Front doors at Johnny Cuts Barbershop in Oshawa  

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