Cedar and Dylan live in the heart of Toronto, but they love spending summer weekends up north in cottage country. On a beautiful sunny day we headed up the 400 to Midland and the shores of Georgian Bay for their engagement session.

Surrounded by picturesque scenery, all we needed was a quick drive to find a farmer’s field with an abandoned barn to meet one of Cedar’s location hopes. It was a very hot day, but they were troopers and we pushed through the heat and mosquitos.

After the field, we visited the ‘Ghost Road’ (named this because there have been ghost sightings on the road), which is the actual location where Dylan proposed. We found the exact spot in the road, and of course, the lighting was just right. Following this spot, we took a little breather and Dylan made some delicious burgers (he’s famous for doing that), then we hit the beach to get a few snaps before the rain came.

I had a great time with this lovely couple, and I can’t wait to be a part of their big day just around the corner!




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