Growing up, my family had a cabinet full of photo albums. The photos dated back to the 50’s as my grandfather always had a camera with him to capture family vacations, document when company came to visit, and family milestones. Other albums from the 70’s and 80’s include my parents’ wedding, honeymood, vacations and baby pictures of my brother and I. These albums are still at my parents’ home, and now I get to share all those moments with my wife and daughters. They get to see me from a lifetime ago (high school was a VERY awkward time), and get to learn about family members they’ll never get to meet.

      This is why photography is so important to me. It’s about saving your life’s memories – capturing everything from the biggest day of your life, to sharing a laugh with a friend. Those photo albums were put together over decades and are, without a doubt, the most important items in the house. I want to help you build your own album collection to share with the world.


      First of all, congratulations!! You’re engaged, excited for your big day, and you can’t wait to start your new life together. And although you’re busy with planning your wedding day, you’re excited to enjoy that day. YOUR day. Because your wedding day is about more than just your dress, your shoes, or the food. Your wedding day is a major human event. It’s full of love and laughter, and you get to share it with all your closest friends and family. How cool is that?!

      You want to enjoy this day to its fullest, and you don’t want your photographer bossing you around. You want every moment captured while your guests enjoy themselves in peace. Before you know it, it’s over and you’re leaving the venue with a new spouse, a slice of cake, and a haze of memories.

      I’ll be there for all of it, like a ninja, saving all those memories for you and your partner to cherish once the show is over.


      * and if you want to say ‘eff it all’ to the above, contact me for a custom Elopement quote!



      You’re a team. A unit. An unstoppable force of nature. However you see yourselves, you’re awesome. Whether you have one tiny kid, or eight grown-up kids with kids of their own, you’re a family who loves each other and stays strong through all the ups and downs that life can throw at you.

      Maybe you’re not perfect. That’s OK. You have a young one who cries a lot, and another who can’t sit still no matter how many cookies you promise to give them.

      You’re a REAL family. I love real families. I love the real family moments. The laughing, the crying, the pouting, the really really big smiles like it’s school picture day. “Do a nice smile” mom will say. But that’s just in the moment. Years later, you’ll look at the photo and laugh about it together. Maybe a few years later you’ll be sharing the photo to embarrass them at their wedding.

      The classic posed family portrait is nice, and we can do that, but we’ll also capture real moments. The ones that you’ll want to share and show off for years to come.


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