newmarket mother and son smiling in front of brick wall


Angela contacted me recently to help her with a family Christmas present involving her family, her sisters, and their families in Newmarket. She wanted studio-like indoor portraits followed by some outdoor fun in their yard. I was all in, and this gang was so much fun to work with. I set up my studio lights in front of an exposed brick wall in their basement for the indoor portraits. It’s not a beautiful backdrop of mountains or meadows that photographers dream of, but this was a perfect setup to accomplish our mission. When working with younger kids, it’s important to keep things moving along, make things comfortable, and have a lot of fun. This little setup was fast, kept the whole group together for quick turnarounds, which meant the kids were never bored.

Once the indoor photos were done, we headed outside to play in the snow. Out in the fresh air, the gang had a lot of fun and we were able to capture some great candid moments. Here are some highlights of our session together.

Father and son smiling in front of brick wall newmarket couples indoor photograph toronto sister hugging brother tight Newmarket family siblings sisters photograph outdoor Newmarket family siblings sisters photograph outdoor Newmarket Toronto father and son family photography Newmarket family kids photograph outdoor Newmarket sisters photograph outdoor


And of course you can’t have a studio session without a classic romantic portrait!

toronto awkward couples photo 80s style

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