Family together by lake at sunset


NEWMARKET – We all have those friends we haven’t seen or spoken to in a long time, but catching up with them is effortless and a pure Joy. Robin is one of those friends for me. We met in high school (a long ways back!) and although we were never super close, we always got along really well and had a lot of laughs whenever we hung out. I’m sure anyone who knows him would feel the same way – he’s just an all-around great person. So when he called me up about a photo session with his young family in the fall of 2019, I jumped at the chance.

We met up in Newmarket and took a stroll through their neighbourhood, ending up at a park just down the street. Tall grass, a small lake, ducks, a playground, and a perfect sunset made up this awesome afternoon session.

Here are some highlights from our time together, I can’t wait to hang out with this crew again!

Collage of father with newborn son

Collage of parents holding kids in front of red wall

Family photography with young children with beautiful sunset

Family photography young girl picks flowers

Father holds newborn son with sunset behind

Blonde hair girl on swing with big smile



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